T.S. Patriot State Engineering Manual

Patriot State was the training ship of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy from 1986 to 1998.

Feedwater System Operation

Main feed pump start-up

  1. Inspect the machine for loose gear, incomplete work, and check oil level in sump and oil level in governor.
  2. Start electric lube oil pump pump, and switch to automatic.
  3. Start cooling water flow to the L.O. cooler.
  4. Open the feed pump suction from the D.C. heater, the main and auxiliary discharge valves and the recirculating valve.
  5. Open gland leak off and sealing steam valves. Adjust sealing steam pressure to 25-45 psi when operating.
  6. Set Woodward hydraulic governor to minimum speed.
  7. Open drains, casing and steam lines.
  8. Slowly open the turbine exhaust valve. Throttle drain valves accordingly.
  9. Hand trip the overspeed trip and then reset.
  10. Slowly open inlet 600 psi steam valve to pump. Watch the drain lines and when drains clear, secure them.
  11. When inlet steam valve is fully open, increase pump discharge pressure to 50-75 psi above drum by use of hydraulic governor control knob.
  12. The Taylor pneumatic controller in the fireroom can be used to remotely control the pump discharge pressure. To set it up, increase the Woodward governor until the pressure is 50-75 psi above drum pressure. Next, set the controller on hand and adjust the pump pressure by setting the control air pressure. Increasing the air pressure increases pump discharge pressure, so loss of control air will cause pump to discharge pressure to rise to setting of the Woodward governor.

In-port feed pump start-up

  1. Oil the pins of the steam valve operating gear and set up on all grease cups.
  2. Open the water end valves, suction and discharge.
  3. Open the cut-out or root valves in the exhaust line and steam line.
  4. Open the steam cylinder drains, top, bottom and valve chest.
  5. Open the cushioning valves, where fitted, top and bottom.
  6. Open the exhaust valve at pump.
  7. Crack the throttle valve and open slowly so as to admit steam and warm up gradually.
  8. Close the steam cylinder drains after the pump makes a few strokes and the steam cylinder is clear of water.
  9. Open throttle gradually to desired speed or until governor takes control of pump and then open the throttle valve fully.
  10. Close the cushioning valves until an adjustment is obtained that permits silent and smooth working of the pump, i.e., no knocking and at the speed of the pump not reduced too much at the end of the stroke.

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