Mass. Maritime Academy Patriot State Equipment Removal
The following are pictures of MMA students who are involved in the removal of equipment aboard the TS Patriot State (which is being taken out of sea service as of October 1999). The equipment will be used for training in our shore side facilities and our new Engineering Lab building (groundbreaking scheduled for June 2000).

cadets picture

Cadet w/knight engineer:
Front 1/c Bob Kenny, 2/c Dennis Kenny
Middle: 1/c Stephie Lyons, Mike Cedrone, Tim Fitzgerald
Back: 1/c Murphy, 1/c Peter Eident

supervisors picture

Cadet Supervisors
Cadet Project Manager: Mike Cedrone, Bob Kenny, Rob Stewart, Tim Fitzgerald, Stephie Lyons

reefer picture

Domestic Reefer
Bos’un Vick Cordeira supervises Stephie Lyons and Dennis Kenny remove a back pressure regulator from the fwd reefer unit

turbine picture

HP Turbine
Bob Kenny, 1/c Kevin Murphy, Dennis Kenny in the process of separating the cross under pipe from the HP turbine.

More Photos of removal of equipment from the patriot State are here

The students supervising this task are;
Michael Cedrone Cadet Project Manager
Bob Kenny 4-Hold Job Supervisor
Tim Fitzgerald Main Feed Pump/ York Compressor Job Supervisor
Stephie Lyons Domestic Refrigeration Unit Job Supervisor
Rob Stewart Main Turbine Engine Removal Supervisor
Chris Madden Main Engine 4-hold Job Supervisor
Dan Barone Welding/Burning
S. Braillard Painting/Fininsh work Job Supervisor
Steve Sylvester Supervisor Assistant
M. Stevenson Supervisor Assistant