Common STCW Courses

  1. CC-FIRE Firefighting
  2. CC-LEAD Regimental Leadership Program
  3. CC-MANT Shipboard Maintenance
  4. EN-1112 Engineering Systems and Safety
  5. FF-0102 4/c Firefighting Practicum
  6. FF-0104 3/c Firefighting Practicum
  7. FF-0106 2/c Firefighting Practicum
  8. FF-0108 1/c Advanced Firefighting
  9. HU-1111 English Composition
  10. LB-0201 STCW Qualifications
  11. LB-0202 STCW Lifeboatman Exam
  12. LB-0203 4/c STCW Immersion Suit Practical
  13. MT-1121 STCW Basic Training
  14. MT-1231 STCW Survival Craft
  15. PE-0031 First Aid / CPR
  16. PE-0032 STCW Medical Care Provider
  17. PS-0301 4/c STCW Personal Survival
  18. SR-0401 4/C STCW Personal Safety/Social Responsibility
  19. SS-3122 International Law and Legislative Compliance for Mariners
  20. ST-0999 Sea Term I
  21. ST-0999D Sea Term I (Deck Portion)
  22. ST-0999E Sea Term I (Engineering Portion)
  23. ST-0999I Sea Term I (IMB Portion)
  24. ST-0999M Sea Term I (MSEP Portion)
  25. ST-0999S Sea Term I (EM Portion)