Assessment OICEW-8-2G

Routine Maintenance feed pump lube oil system

Assessed in EN-2231 Sea Term II: Marine Engineering


Aboard ship or in workshop, given access to s feed pump and other equipment needed to complete the task.

Performance Requirements

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Identify and Describe the feed pump lube oil system

Identify and describe:

  • lube oil sump
  • dipstick
  • lube oil cooler
  • cooling water source
  • cooling water strainer
  • lube oil temperature and pressure gages
  • two lube oil pumps
  • three bearing sight glasses
  • drip feed for governor

Check feed pump oil level

State type and location of replenishment oil

Add oil, if required

Check for adequate coolant flow

Feel coolant line

Clean strainer, if required

Supports Table A-III/1 officers in charge of an engineering watch

Competence Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiency Task

Maintenance and repair of shipboard machinery and equipment

C2.3 Maintenance and repair, such as dismantling, adjustment and reassembling of machinery and equipment

Routine Maintenance feed pump lube oil system

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