Assessment OICEW-5-1M

Monitor main steam turbine operation

Assessed in EN-2231 Sea Term II: Marine Engineering


In an approved simulator or aboard a ship underway, given access to a main steam turbine.

Performance Requirements

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Identify turbine instrumentation available at console

Identify these items:

  • lube oil pressure gage
  • lube oil gravity tank bull's eye
  • main condenser vacuum gage
  • gland sealing pressure gage
  • main steam pressure gage and thermometer
  • ahead and astern steam chest pressure gage

Monitor turbine and reduction gears while underway

Monitor for at least one hour

Monitor these items:

  • turbine and gear bearings
  • clearance indicators
  • oil sight-flow indicators
  • lp turbine casing temperature

Monitor turbine exhaust system

Monitor these items:

  • hotwell level
  • dc heater level
  • condensate pump operation
  • main circulating pump
  • main condenser vacuum

Monitor the turbine lubrication system

Monitor these items

  • main lube oil sump
  • main and standby lube oil pumps
  • main lube oil coolers

Operate lube oil cooler

Maintain temperature at 110° F.

State normal operating temperature range

State critical temperature limits (40° F rise or 160° F max.)

Supports Table A-III/1 officers in charge of an engineering watch

Competence Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiency Task

Operate main and auxiliary machinery and associated control systems

A4.1 Basic construction and operation principles of machinery systems, including:

  1. marine diesel engine
  2. marine steam turbine
  3. marine gas turbine
  4. marine boiler
  5. shafting installations, including propeller
  6. other auxiliaries, including various pumps, air compressor, purifier, fresh water generator, heat exchanger, refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  7. steering gear
  8. automatic control systems
  9. fluid flow and characteristics of lubricating oil, fuel oil and cooling systems
  10. deck machinery

Monitor main steam turbine operation

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