Rosterizer is a simple tool which helps you to get useful class rosters out of Webadvisor. If you have ever tried to copy and paste a roster out of Webadvisor and into Excel, you know what a nuisance it is.

To use:

  1. Drag the rosterizer link below to your web browser's favorites bar.

    Drag this to Favorites Bar Rosterizer

    The favorites bar might be called the tool bar or the bookmarks bar, depending on which browser you are using. Alternately on Internet Explorer, right click the link and choose "add to favorites."

  2. Then, while you are viewing a roster in Webadvisor, click the bookmarklet (or choose the favorite), and it will give you back a simple tab delimited roster which you can copy and paste into a spreadsheet to start your gradebook.


If you're not viewing a roster when you click on the bookmarklet, you'll just end up back at this page.

If you get a message about a "non-secure form" you can safely ignore it.

If the roster doesn't divide into columns nicely, Excel has a command "text to columns" which will fix it for you. The rosterizer list is tab delimited.

If that still doesn't work, try using "paste special" with option "text" to get Excel to recognize the tab delimited file and properly parse it.

How it works:

Rosterizer is a bookmarklet. It grabs the contents of the page you are viewing and sends it to where a program strips out all the crap and sends it back. If you are concerned about sending your class roster or student IDs to this service, then don't use it; however, nothing you send is stored or viewed at my end.

What I hate about WebAdvisor

More info:

Contact me for more info, or if it doesn't work.